Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The First

I've said this at the beginning of all six blogs I've started since I left high school...BUT I plan on making this blogging thing a regular thing. As an English major/aspiring writer/person-who-thinks-he-has-interesting-things-to-say, I have had a goal for a long time to keep more of a journal or travel log of my daily adventures. My daily adventures may be mundane to the average viewer, but I'm sure I could tell them in a way that could prove to be entertaining. But in reality, if I'm entertaining myself than I have achieved my goal.

Since last I checked, I am still going to school to finish my writing bachelor's degree (a process that has lasted the majority of my adult life and continues on towards a never-ending abyss) and also working a very demoralizing graveyard shift at Vivint. My social life/dating life (they are supposed to be the same at my age right?) has taken a plunge towards being completely non-existent due to my increasingly impossible schedule. So lately I've been having more and more deep conversations with myself or with the stuffed Abraham Lincoln on my dresser. Judge if you want, but Abe has some sound advice about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.

The graveyard shift allows me to be awake when the normal world is sleeping and vice versa. I still make time to go to certain classes at UVU, but the majority of my time is either spent at Vivint, sleeping, or complaining about the fact that I am at Vivint too much or that I am always sleeping. The goal is to find time to workout during certain hours of the day (this is why I bought my pass to Planet Fitness, the ultimate judgment-free workout environment). I'll usually go workout once every three weeks, take a spin on the elliptical, get distracted by Duck Dynasty on the TVs, start getting angry that my headphones won't stay in my ears, and than leave vowing never to return.

I'll usually end up returning...only to experience the same cycle.

Speaking of goals, ever since I returned from Alaska I have been all about fishing and wanting to become a master fisherman. I made plans to buy a fishing pole, my dad gifted me a huge tackle box for my birthday, and I started making a wish list of good fishing lures on Cabela's website. I even started telling people that I was starting to fish a lot and updated my Twitter profile to include the words "fishing" and "I enjoy it."

It's been three or four weeks since I was in Alaska and I have gone fishing a grand total of 0 times. To be fair to myself, I did take a drive out to Provo Canyon to scope out good fishing spots. I ended up lost in the Alpine Loop for the 5th time since I moved to Utah. Beautiful place, but once it gets dark the place is a neverending road of terror.

I'm bad at taking up hobbies. Hobbies are hard.

Instead, I've resorted back to finding wasteful activities such as watching Breaking Bad, fantasy football, learning about baseball, re-watching Les Miserables over and over gain, and exploring every southern BBQ joint I can find within Utah County (Bam Bams is the best, but they always run out of brisket).

On a good note, I am learning Chinese at UVU. This turned out to be a much harder class than I realized it was going to be. Spanish was definitely a lot easier to learn. I feel like I'm making legit progress, but I still sound super confused every time I try to speak it.

 My instructor likes to point out the lack of confidence and the American way I do things.
"No, no! With confidence! NI HAO! Not neee howwww. You look so confused Wang ang wei (my Chinese name)."

Thanks for the confidence boost, sir.

I really am determined to learn the language. Asian culture is fascinating and it could prove useful in a future career.

My other classes are just various English classes required for a major. Most of them are starting to resemble classes I've already taken and I'm pretty sure I've got the whole college-game down. Now it's just a waiting game until I can finally graduate!! I think I have somewhere around a year left, but somehow I could see that easily extending into three more.

I could keep babbling on, but I really don't know how to end this thing. So maybe I'll just say....I'm done. Stop reading. Should I end with an inspiring quote? Do people like that? Or is that super cliche?

I don't care. Here's my end thought: